The Importance of Regular Lock Maintenance

November 30, 2023

A lock may look like a simple piece of equipment from the outside. However, most locks are technically complex machines with multiple parts.

Thus, like most machines, they require some degree of maintenance. Because the maintenance needs of one lock may not be the same as those of another, it’s best to discuss this topic in greater detail with a locksmith. When they’re scheduling or repairing your locks, ask them to offer maintenance tips. Following their advice can extend the lifespan of your lock system and keep you safer.


The Basics of Lock Maintenance

Although different locks may require different forms of upkeep, general lock maintenance involves:

  • Cleaning your locks proactively
  • Lubricating your locks on a daily basis
  • Not using excessive force when inserting keys into locks or removing them from locks
  • Regularly conducting visual inspections of locks for signs of damage

Monitor the condition of the doors to which your locks are attached as well. Even if a lock is in otherwise good condition, it may fail to serve its intended purpose if the door is loose or damaged.


Why Regular Lock Maintenance is Important

Whether you own a business, home, or both, a functioning lock system plays a critical role in your safety and security. Performing regular lock maintenance is vital for such reasons as:

Showing Insurers You’re Responsible

Some of the reasons for prioritizing regular lock maintenance are so obvious there’s little reason to expand on them here. For instance, you likely already appreciate that keeping your lock system in good working order will reduce your chances of being the victim of a break-in. 

However, if a break-in ever does occur, whether your insurer will offer you any settlement or compensation may depend on whether you can show you took reasonable steps to protect your property. You may find the insurance company is more inclined to work with you if you can show you kept on top of lock maintenance.

(That said, if you prioritize maintenance, a break-in is a relatively unlikely occurrence.)

Preserving Customer and Employee Trust

Lock maintenance is vital no matter what type of property you’re protecting. That said, this may be a particularly significant responsibility if you own a business.

Client and customer trust play essential roles in your success. You’ll be better able to maintain a proper degree of trust among your customers if you keep your business safe from intruders.

Saving Money

Maintaining any piece of equipment or machinery can save you money in the long run. A lock system is no exception.

When you schedule regular lock maintenance, you have an opportunity to identify and address minor issues before they develop into major problems. As a result, you’re less likely to spend money on repairs in the future. Performing maintenance can also give you a chance to evaluate your current lock system and determine if you should make an upgrade.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Locksmith

Keep in mind that you may not have to perform all lock maintenance tasks yourself. If you coordinate with a professional locksmith, they can assist with upkeep as well. 

What’s most vital is that you commit to a maintenance program. Doing so will give you long-term peace of mind. According to the FBI, over a million burglaries occur every year in the U.S. A well-maintained lock system could prevent your home or business from adding to those statistics.


Contact a Commercial and Residential Locksmith

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