How to Protect Your Home from Lock Picking and Bumping

November 28, 2023

No one likes to consider the possibility of their home being burglarized. However, if you’re a homeowner, this is a potential circumstance you need to be aware of. According to the FBI, more than a million burglaries occur in the U.S. every year. The fact that you may live in a relatively safe neighborhood doesn’t mean your home will never be targeted.

Luckily, there is a very effective step you can take to protect your home and loved ones: make it difficult to pick or “bump” (a lock picking technique involving the use of a special key) your home’s locks. If a would-be burglar finds that picking your locks will take even slightly longer than expected, they may decide not to burglarize your home, determining the risk is too great.


Protecting Your Home from Lock Picking and Bumping

There are various ways you can protect your home from burglars by preventing them from picking your home’s locks. Ideas to keep in mind include the following:

Install Motion Lights

A burglar may not even attempt to pick or bump your locks if they’re unable to do so under the cover of darkness. By installing outdoor lights that automatically turn on when they detect motion, you can scare off any lock-pickers before they even reach your door.

Add Cameras

Installing security cameras on your property is another way to guard against burglars. However, you may feel that installing a full security system is more costly than you can afford right now.

If this is the case, you may nevertheless consider strategically installing fake security cameras (that look real, of course) in various positions where burglars might spot them. As long as a burglar doesn’t know that a security camera isn’t real, they may assume that its presence suggests burglarizing your home isn’t a safe idea.

You may also install a video doorbell. Such products are becoming increasingly popular as they offer convenient alternatives to traditional security systems. Again, if a burglar notices a video doorbell camera “looking” back at them, they may flee the property before committing a crime that could get them into even worse trouble.

Upgrade Your Locks

Installing multiple locks is a simple but often effective means of preventing lock pickers and bumpers from burglarizing your home. The mere presence of a deadbolt along with a traditional key system lock could indicate to a burglar that attempting to break into your home isn’t worth their time.

It’s also wise to upgrade to a high security lock if you haven’t already done so. High security locks, as the name implies, are key-based locks that have been designed specifically to be tamper-proof and difficult to pick.

You may even further boost your security by opting for a restricted key system. With a restricted key system, no one can make copies of your home’s keys without your authorization.


Protecting Your Home from Lock Picking is Essential

Lock picking takes time. That’s good news for a homeowner. Because a burglar doesn’t want to spend a moment longer than necessary trying to access your home, if you make picking your locks frustratingly difficult for them, they may abandon their efforts fast. The tips here will help.


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