Residential Key & Rekeying Services


When it comes to your home, having extra keys is important. We offer keying services to provide you with all the keys you need for all your locks. We are experts at creating keys and guarantee that our keys will work with all your hardware.


If you lost one of your keys and are concerned that an unauthorized individual might have a key, rekeying is the best solution. With rekeying, we will create new keys that will make any previous keys obsolete. These new keys will work on your existing locks, so you won’t have to invest in new lock hardware which saves time and money.

Rekeying may also be the best solution if you have keys that are becoming difficult to use. If you find the keys hard to turn, rekeying can replace your current set of keys with ones that work much better on existing locks. No more jiggling or struggling with the key when opening a door.


As a more secure option, Armor Security also offers restricted key systems that will prevent duplication of keys without your permission. Please ask about our restricted key program.

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