Why are Panic Bars Important Safety Feature for Bigger Firms?

If you have ever worked in an office building, mall or school, you might have entered or even exit from a building through a door with panic bars. Besides, being the office owner or owning a building, you might be well aware of the security importance of panic bars. Basically, panic doors are a huge asset during an emergency. Panic bars, also known as crash doors are fitted with spring-loaded metal horizontally inside the door, upon pushing the bar, the door is unlatched, making easy access since the door opens outwardly and not inwardly.

Panic doors are commonly used in commercial sites as a safety feature during the time of emergency. Earlier, only the bigger firms used the panic doors, but now everyone wants to take advantage of such great safety options in their premises.

Why are Panic Bars an important safety feature in terms of safety for bigger firms?

When we talk about bigger firms, hotels and companies, you may experience that these places have a massive crowd of people with customers, clients and staff working there. If something goes wrong in these vast buildings holding hundreds and thousands of people, there will be an emergency situation, and people will run here and there in chaos finding the emergency exits. Having the wrong types of doors can actually cause more harm than do good in such kind of situations. It is then when these doors with panic bars come to the rescue. People can simply push the bar of the gate and exit easily without creating a panic scene.

Notable Tragedies that Led to the Creation of Panic Bars or Crash Doors

Whenever there was a fire in the building or flood situation or any other natural calamity, people were unable to run out of the building because of the lack of facility of moving out in such a situation. Therefore, it led to the creation of panic bars. Now every firm, whether big or small, can install panic bars to save people in unusual circumstances.

Benefits of Panic Bars-

1) Safety- As discussed earlier, panic bar doors remain effective during an emergency or non-emergency. Panic bars are installed inside, and the door remains locked from the outside, preventing unauthorized access. Besides, these doors can be well-equipped with other safety features, including alarms, CCTVs and automation systems, making it easy for the security team of the building to keep an eye on the exits.

2) Affordability- Where you can install new doors, new locking systems and hardware with the help of a professional locksmith, panic bars must be considered too. Installing panic bars are inexpensive as compared to upgrading the entire door for safety enhancement. However, the price can go upwards with the change of model.

3) Decreased insurance rates- Building owners are always looking at some ways to improve the safety of the building. Panic bars can be a win-win since using such safety features can reduce the insurance premium on the facility.

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