5 Common Household Lock Problems and How to Fix Them

January 17, 2024

Your home’s locks play a critical role in the safety of yourself and your property. Ensuring they work reliably is critical.

However, locks can fail for many reasons. Understanding how to address common lock problems is thus quite helpful for a homeowner.

The following are among the most common household lock issues you might face. Each description of the problem includes information about how to fix it. That said, if you’re not sure you can address the issue properly yourself, strongly consider contacting a residential locksmith offering repair services.

Common lock problems homeowners should be aware of include:


Frozen Locks

To some extent, the types of lock problems homeowners must deal with depend on where they live. For example, maybe you live in a part of the country where cold weather often strikes.

Your locks may become frozen in such a region if moisture gets into them. Try fixing this problem by blowing a hair dryer on the lock. Contact a professional if this doesn’t melt the ice.


Broken Keys

A broken key in a lock is the type of problem in which the ideal solution is prevention. Exercising care and using deliberate movements when inserting a key into a lock and removing it can minimize the chances of a key breaking off in the lock. If this does happen, try removing the broken section with needle-nose pliers.


Keys That Won’t Turn

Will a key not turn once you insert it into a lock? If you know you’re using the proper key for that lock, the cause of the problem may be a key that wasn’t cut properly.

Use powdered graphite to lubricate the lock before taking any other steps. If this solution works, the key is likely cut correctly. If lubricating the lock doesn’t yield results, get in touch with a professional to have them make a new key. Explain why you believe whoever cut your current key made an error.


Keys That Won’t Insert

You may find a key won’t insert into a lock at all. Or, when it does, turning the key and lock requires more effort than you expected.

A dirty lock is sometimes the cause of such an issue. Clean the lock with a can of pressurized air. The pressurized air may remove dust and debris that prevents the lock from functioning correctly. Contact a locksmith if your lock still doesn’t work after taking this step.


Keys That Get Stuck

Do you need to jiggle a key a few times to remove it from a lock? Apply powdered graphite if so. Lubricating the lock should solve the problem now.

That said, it may not permanently fix the issue. If your locks are frequently breaking, consider upgrading them. Hiring a professional to install new locks or repair your current ones can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. More importantly, knowing an expert fixed or installed your locks gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe.


Learn More About Household Lock Repair

At Armor Security, offering residential locksmith services throughout the Chicago suburbs, we’re on hand to assist you whenever your home’s locks give you headaches. We’ll fix the problem or equip you with new locks you can depend on. Learn more by contacting us online or calling us at 708-687-0066 or 815-469-0606 today.