Frankfort IL Commercial Locksmith Services

The security of any locking system is dependent on two very important factors. The first is protection against attacks such as picking, drilling, bumping, and forcing. The second is the ability to control duplication of existing keys. The only sure way to ensure that keys cannot be copied without consent of the owner is a key system with patent protected keys.

Armor Security Master Locksmiths have been installing High Security Medeco locks for over 30 years. Medeco is the global leader in door opening solutions; and offers a wide range of security programs we design specifically to meet your needs. For commercial businesses we offer the following core services.

Master key systems Our master key system is highly effective, as well as convenient. If you have ever had a large ring of different keys and have to try each one to find the right key, you will appreciate one key to fit all, while being able to give a single key to that one unit only. The keys will not be duplicated without your authorization so you have control and are bump proof.

Restricted access keys The office owner carries only one key that fits all doors. Employees have access to only their specified door. These restricted key systems are ideal for key control, but are less expensive than our High Security Systems

Electronic Key Card Systems Armor Security offers Key Card Systems as well. With a key card system, we can program the ?key card? right at your door by computer. We are able to customize each key card to your specific security needs.

Emergency Lock Out Services If you become locked out of your office, we are here to help. We are mobile and ready at a moments notice. Our professional locksmiths will meet you on-site and provide the assistance you need to get you access to your office.

Door Closers To be an effective barrier, a door must be fully closed and securely locked. Therefore a reliable door closer is an essential element in any security plan. Armor Security can recommend and install the door closer design to meet your specific application and budget.

Change Locks & Rekeying Services If you suspect unauthorized persons are trying to gain access to your business, please contact us immediately. Quickly, we will provide on-site services to change locks or rekey existing locks.

Repairs and Upgrades We repair locks on location and can upgrade when necessary. We can fix that old panic bar or update with a new one. We install keyless electronic access locks and biometric locks and fingerprint access. We can beef up that deadbolt with a reinforced strike plate. We can eliminate that clutter of keys and put all locks operating on one key. If you find yourself locked out of your home or car, we have emergency service to get you back in.